We are a 0 tolerance server. All rule breakers will be found and punished. Our plugins CoreProtect and AntiCheat will show your wrong doings.

Don’t Hack

This includes X-ray, Fly and any PvP hacks.

Don’t Steal/Grief.

We are a trust based server and people breaking this rule will be punished.


When AFK-ing please stand 55 or more blocks away from any spawnable surface.


TNT-duping is allowed, any other form of duping will be punished severely.

Be respectfull

We have a very diverse group of players and we don't tolerate disrespectful behavior towards other players and staff.

Don’t lie

Don't lie to other players and staff. we're very forgiving if you admit mistakes, lying on the other hand is very pointless and will be dealt with swiftly and permanently.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How big is the spawn region?

The spawn protection region is currently 800×800 blocks.

Where is the server located?

All of our servers are currently located in England.

How can I report a player?

You can contact staff trough Discord, via our contact page or in-game using /report (name) (message)

How can I get spawn access?

You need 12 hours of playtime before you can access spawn. Apply on discord or message a staff member when you are online, alternatively you can use the contact form in the website This a a security measure so new players won’t grief the minute they start.

Where can I find this sites Privacy Policy?

You can find the privacy policy here!

What is the current server status?

The server is currently !